Your health should be a daily priority. It will take time and investment to better it. Whether you are interested in working with organic ingredients or finding simpler ways to treat common ailments from stress to weight management, Uni Remedies is a place that will provide tips on home remedies that are natural, safe, and practical.

My name is Chantal Lozano. I am a twenty-something, a Southern California native and Boston transplant. My upbringing is made of natural home remedies that I learned from my mother, who has Type 2 diabetes. Some things I picked up casually, like drinking tea or post-exercise treatments for sore muscles. Other things came with age and a little more commitment. I became dedicated to consuming a variety of teas for the health benefits that were right for me, using essential oils for stomachaches and hair repair, and the practical uses of the produce from my local grocery store.

I hope to share my knowledge from research and my own experiences in my diet and lifestyle. I hope to inspire you to live a healthier, natural lifestyle that is neither painful nor depriving.