This Essential Oil Helped Heal My Skin and Hair

For about 4 months, I’d been searching and testing different essential oils that are especially useful for hair repair and skin care. Several Google searches brought me to different articles that recommended coconut oil and argan oil. I’m sure plenty of people have found these oils very useful, but I’m a skeptic and a big believer in the underdog so I kept narrowing my searches that catered to my specific needs.

My solution became sweet almond oil. It turns out that sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which makes for a great moisturizer. Because it is such a mild oil, it’s especially good for sensitive and damaged skin. Being so rich in vitamins and fatty acids, sweet almond oil promotes hair growth and help nourish the hair making it shinier and healthier.

One winter day, my roommate and I trekked from our apartment in Allston to South Boston—that’s about a 40-minute commute with public transit. This was a particularly chilly and windy day—and when we returned home, I saw that my cheeks were irritated, chapped, and red. This is the moment I learned about windburn. Being from SoCal, I had no idea this was a thing! After a few hours, the irritation didn’t go away so I massaged sweet almond oil. I did this at least twice a day for two days. By day 3, the tenderness and redness had completely subsided! Weather and environmental changes easily affect my skin. Warm weather causes me to get heat rash on my legs and around my forearms and elbows. Come spring time, as the days became progressively warmer, I found myself very itchy, bumpy, and red on my legs and around my forearms and elbows. With sweet almond oil in my cupboard, I decided to massage some onto my problem areas twice a day for two days, and I found the same miraculous results as I did with the windburn!

The sweet almond oil doesn’t leave, what I call, the “after-grease” that many oils, creams, and moisturizing lotions have. After-grease is the residual grease that lingers over your skin after the product is applied and assuming it had absorbed into your skin.

As far as my hair goes, I have fine Asian-type hair. I have mild frizz in my hair, but it often falls flat with excess oil, product, heating, brushing, or generally any type of maintenance. Maybe this is just my hair, but it seems to only like being washed and air-dried, which is perfectly okay with me because I’m too lazy for anything else. I use sweet almond oil as a pre-shower mask. I would start by thoroughly brushing my hair. Using 6-7 drops of oil, I apply it throughout my hair starting at the roots and massaging the excess at the ends. I let it sit between 15-30 minutes. Then, I shower and rinse with my volumizing shampoo and condition. After air-drying, I fine that my hair looks healthier and darker, and the frizz manageable.

If hair growth or preventing hair loss is one of your concerns, peppermint oil is also a good essential oil to treat that. Like sweet almond oil, it is rich in fatty acids but it also stimulates the scalp’s health by increasing blood flow and circulation. Click here to learn about the many other miraculous benefits of peppermint oil.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner.  The information I provide is based on advice I’ve taken from research and friends and my personal experiences. Please use your discretion when taking any recommendations I make or discuss them with your doctor.



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