Does Lush’s Rehab Shampoo Work?

I recently received a care package from Ms. Apontti, who wrote last week’s blog post on bee pollen. In that care package, she provided me 3.3 oz bottle of Lush’s Rehab Shampoo along with other treats, including a couple bags of Numi Toasted Rice Green Tea, which I highly recommend. But for this post, I will review not be reviewing tea. I’ve already done that. This time, I will review on the Lush’s Rehab Shampoo, an all-natural beauty product.

Lush is a retail store that produces all-natural bath and body cosmetics using vegetarian and vegan recipes. The other great thing about Lush is that they do not commission for any animal testing for their products.

So, here’s how my first trial went and what I thought:

The packaging is fun and attractive. I read the ingredients listed on the back of the label, and I get excited when I see that the shampoo contains pineapple juice! I love pineapple and have no idea that it had benefits on hair. Upon removing the cap and the seal over the opening, I take a big whiff. I smell the tart of the pineapple but it’s very faint. The scent is more of a mixture between herbal and mint but not overwhelmingly so. It’s ultimately a very pleasant scent. In the bottle, the shampoo has a golden color. When it’s poured into your hand, the color is lighter and more transparent. I put about a quarter-size amount into my hand before lathering the product into my hair. Personally, I like a lot of lather in my shampoos. This shampoo, however, doesn’t have too much. When I rinse out the shampoo, I feel that familiar dehydrating feeling in my hair. It’s that friction when I run my fingers over or through my hair—and I hate that feeling so I panic! I grab my conditioner—Garnier Full & Flush Conditioner—and apply. Some reviews I read in advance say they didn’t use conditioner but I didn’t want to risk going through the day with dry, lifeless hair. That’s the absolute worst! I air-dry my hair, so I wait a couple hours to see the difference. Within the first hour, I already FEEL the difference. I feel a bouncy weight in my hair that I don’t usually feel because my hair is so fine. By the second hour, my hair is completely dry and my hair looks fuller, darker, silkier, and healthier. That said, TRY THIS PRODUCT. IT’S THE BUSINESS!

I learned about Lush a few years ago when I learned there’s a store in University City Walk in Universal City, Cali. Since then, I’ve heard positive things from friends throughout the years. While Lush does have that great word-of-mouth reputation with its following, I personally have been apprehensive to trying their products for two reasons: 1) the products run on the pricier side and 2) I don’t usually respond well to all-natural beauty products. I find the all-natural products I have tried in the past are typically very drying—even if they are meant to “repair” or “hydrate.” I’m happy to find that Rehab Shampoo does indeed repair and hydrate my hair, which is dangerous for me and my wallet because I feel more inclined to buy more of their products!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner.  The information I provide is based on advice I’ve taken from research and friends and my personal experiences. Please use your discretion when taking any recommendations I make or discuss them with your doctor.


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