4 Detox Water Recipes for Better Health [with infographic]

When I was younger, I hated water. I always went for soda and juice boxes. Of course, now that we’re older and—I’d like to think—wiser, I understand drinking water is important for better health. I consume it now on a regular basis, mostly out of responsibility. But I still think it’s flavorless and boring. Detox water—water infused typically with fruit—is often a tool for weight loss. It speeds up your metabolism and flushes out toxins. After furthering my own research, detox water has much more to offer other than weight loss, including health benefits, like cancer prevention to treatment for muscle soreness. And if you’re like me and you’re plain bored, try infusing some of these fruits to liven up your plain ol’ glass of water. Your health won’t regret it.

Here are some recipes, or more combinations, that I personally love.

  1. Lemon-Cucumber-Mint


  2. Strawberry-Lemon-Mint


  3. Orange-Lemon-Mint


  4. Watermelon-Mint


After you combine all ingredients, refrigerate for 10 minutes for flavors to infuse into water. As for measurement of each ingredient, honestly, my best advice is measure according to taste. In fact, you don’t have to combine all the fruits. Using a single fruit should suffice. Most of the time, out of laziness or being in a rush, I would grab a single lemon wedge and drop it into my glass. Sometimes it would be a couple cucumber slices. Other times, it would be a couple orange slices or fresh strawberries. I don’t ever do mint or watermelon individually, but again, that’s just personal preference.

Each ingredient has its own healing properties. Please see the infographic below to learn about each one from the recipes.


Happy detoxing!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical practitioner.  The information I provide is based on advice I’ve taken from research and friends and my personal experiences. Please use your discretion when taking any recommendations I make or discuss them with your doctor.


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