Teas Recommended From Me to You

First of all, I would like to thank those who have taken the time to read my posts so far. It means a lot to me! In my previous blog post, I talked about the health benefits of oolong, black, green, herbal, and white teas. This week, per requests, I will share with you my personal recommendations for each type of tea.


My current and satisfying collection at the moment, 2/24/2017


Oolong tea isn’t very common in the West. I don’t exactly know why. The health benefits are incredible and the flavor is deep and complex, so it’s a shame that isn’t more available. I highly recommend OP-Green Fresh Oolong Tea. It is a product of China but has a distributor in California. You’re lucky if you come by this in your local grocery store. I have more luck finding it in Asian-based supermarkets, but it is still rare when I do. Otherwise, you can purchase it online. Bigelow and Twinings sell great oolong teas that are also relatively inexpensive. These brands are popular and you can find them easily in your local grocery store. If price isn’t a concern for you, The Republic of Tea is a great quality brand with great quality teas, especially oolong. It is more expensive that other brands, but go ahead and treat yourself! The Republic of Tea is available at Cost Plus World Market, Whole Foods, or online.

With black tea, you can’t go wrong. You should experiment with different flavors though. For example, English Breakfast is more bitter than Earl Grey. As mentioned in the previous post, Earl Grey with milk and sugar tastes like the after-milk of a bowl of Fruit Loops. Irish Breakfast has a stronger, more bitter flavor than English Breakfast in my opinion. Browse through your local grocery store and don’t be afraid to experiment. Trader Joe’s has a small but quality selection of black teas. When in doubt, I say go with Bigelow or Twinings.

Like black tea, you honestly can’t go wrong with green tea. A safe bet would be Lipton Green Tea. I love Bigelow’s Classic Green Tea and Green Tea with Lemon. The lemon flavor in the Green Tea with Lemon is a very subtle citrus taste. Numi Tea’s Jasmine Green Tea has a soft floral fragrant with an ever-so slight sweetness. All of these brands can be found in your local grocery stores. Numi Tea, however, is a bit more expensive and in select grocery stores, such as Whole Foods.

Making recommendations for herbal teas is a little more complicated because it really depends what herbs you want and what remedies you’re looking for. Peppermint tea is my personal favorite and versatile in aiding different ailments. Celestial Seasonings, Trader Joe’s, Stach, and Traditional Medicinals are all great brands with peppermint tea options. These can be found in local grocery stores. Harney & Sons is what I like to call a luxury brand because I have only found them in select stores and is mildly more expensive than other tea brands I like. Harney & Sons can be found in Cost Plus World Market or online. Go treat yourself! I also recommended chamomile in my previous post. I usually go to Trader Joe’s for my chamomile. Celestial Seasonings and Stach have great chamomile options as well.

As for white tea, The Republic of Tea has a wide array of flavored white teas. It’s easier to go wild when experimenting with white teas because the flavor is more agreeable than the other types. I love their Orange Blossom and Ginger Peach.

Featured Photo by Couscous and Consciousness, Flickr

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