Welcome to Uni Remedies


You’ll be surprised what green tea can do for both your diet and immune system, or what the produce in your grocery store can do more for your mood and skin. For years, you’ve probably tested different products to combat anything from migraines to stress. Maybe you’ve even tried out several procedures for weight management or tending sore muscles after an intense work-out. If any of the above is you, Uni Remedies is for you.

Uni Remedies is a blog that shares tips and remedies that can relieve common ailments by using products and ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Uni Remedies will describe the antioxidants and healing properties of each all-natural treatment. Some posts to look out for include:

  • the differences between oolong, black, green, herbal teas
  • various uses of essential oils
  • detox water recipes
  • antioxidants and healing properties of grocery store produce

My name is Chantal Lozano. I am not a scientist or health practitioner, but I am like one of you—one who has aspired to practice healthier habits in diet and lifestyle. My knowledge comes from the years of casually picking up routines from my parents, research from professional resources, conversations with friends with health as a common interest and, most importantly, trial and error. With a mother with Type 2 diabetes, a father with a thyroid condition and high blood pressure, and both believing in mind-body philosophy, I would be advised to sip on water with lemon for stomachaches, drink herbal tea for insomnia, or apply that peppermint oil for migraines. Our household always had an abundant supply of various teas and essential oils. As I get older, I’m finding that my own apartment still has these teas and oils.

In this blog, I will share natural tips and remedies that I have personally tried and found successful. My goal is to inspire you to practice some of these treatments for a healthier, more natural lifestyle.


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