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You’ll be surprised what green tea can do for both your diet and immune system, or what the produce in your grocery store can do more for your mood and skin.

This Essential Oil Helped Heal My Skin and Hair

For about 4 months, I’d been searching and testing different essential oils that are especially useful for hair repair and skin care. Several Google searches brought me to different articles that recommended coconut oil and argan oil. I’m sure plenty of people have found these oils very useful, but I’m a skeptic and a big…

Does Lush’s Rehab Shampoo Work?

I recently received a care package from Ms. Apontti, who wrote last week’s blog post on bee pollen. In that care package, she provided me 3.3 oz bottle of Lush’s Rehab Shampoo along with other treats,

My Best Advice for Stress and Anxiety

In the midst of the spring semester, I have been trying extra hard not to bite my fingernails and pull my hair out. Stress and anxiety is—for the lack of a better word—normal.

When in Doubt, Put Peppermint Oil on it

Are you familiar with the dad in My Fat Greek Wedding who believes Windex cures everything? That’s kind of like me and my relationship with peppermint oil.  

Teas Recommended From Me to You

First of all, I would like to thank those who have taken the time to read my posts so far. It means a lot to me! In my previous blog post, I talked about the health benefits of oolong, black, green, herbal, and white teas. This week, per requests, I will share with you my…

Which Type of Tea Should You Be Drinking

Tea is usually my solution to everything. Feeling bloated from your heavy dinner, drink tea. Feel like throwing up, drink tea. Stank breath, drink tea. Bored, drink tea. What you should know is that each type of tea has different benefits and healing properties. Now, it’s a matter of figuring out which one is right…